Get 16% Fixed Returns Per Year in Recurring, Passive Income, Paid to Your Account Every Month!

Achieve double-digit returns on your capital with promissory notes.

We believe there’s a better place to park your

cash than traditional banks.

The 3-5% interest your cash can make sitting in the bank is barely enough to cover inflation. Yet the last thing you want is another job. We believe there is a better way to earn a higher yield on your cash.

Our passive investment opportunity takes no time, effort, or industry know-how.

Your only contribution is your capital. Through short-term promissory notes, we provide a fixed 16% annual interest rate, allowing you to boost your retirement income without constraints on your time and energy.

Here's how it works

1. Put your money to work with us.

Purchase a short-term promissory note with investment funds from a self-directed IRA, Roth IRA or cash.

2. Make a fixed 16% annual rate of return.

Receive monthly direct-deposit interest payments according to the terms of your promissory note.

3. Reinvest or exit - your choice.

Upon loan maturity, choose to exit or rollover your investment. It's a short-term commitment with the goal of long-term profitability.

Meet Gaydon Leavitt

(we call him G.)

At the helm is Gaydon Leavitt, tech investor and CEO of EQK. Over the past 17 years, Gaydon has scaled over 100 companies, helping them harness the power of technology to expand their reach and raise their valuations.

Meet Christopher Rogers

Christopher Rogers is an experienced attorney in the fields of securities and tax law with over twelve years of experience in private placement offerings and counseling clients on securities and tax law related issues.

Why invest with us?

 Track Record: Under G’s skilled guidance, Toolbox OS has managed a diverse array of over 100 companies. Our strategic approach to the digital transformation has consistently delivered returns to our stakeholders, affirming our position as advisor.


Transparent Process: Our investment methodology is designed for clarity and simplicity. We streamline every step, from the initial engagement to the execution of automated monthly transactions, with the goal our investors experience ease and transparency. With our focus on effective communication and efficiency, our goal is to allow investors to concentrate on other priorities while we handle their investments with us.

Timely Opportunity: We believe the market is offering the chance to invest in online education businesses who have achieved success and are now poised for restructuring and growth. Toolbox brings a level of quality control and experience to these companies, enhancing their offerings and potential. This is an opportune moment to engage with Toolbox, leveraging our experience to make strategic investments in a growing industry.

How can we pay 16% interest? We're glad you asked.


We’re rolling up online education companies to build a vertically-integrated platform designed to scale profitability and build value. Here’s more information on what Toolbox is building.


A promissory note is a legally binding promise to pay a specific sum at a future date. It’s a financial tool for investment returns.

The 16% interest is calculated on an annual basis and paid out monthly, providing recurring returns on your investment.

Yes. Depending on availability, investors can choose to increase their investment.

Yes. This opportunity is only available to accredited investors who meet SEC qualifications. To qualify as an accredited investor, an individual must have at least $200,000 in personal income, or $300,000 for combined incomes with that individual’s spouse or spousal equivalent, over the past two years with the expectation of the same in the current year, or have a net worth of at least $1,000,000, excluding the value of their primary residence.


Don't settle for 3-5% interest on your cash.

Choose Toolbox and earn a fixed 16% annual interest rate.